Introductory Course

The Primer Course (11 hours, six classes) has a separate tuition of $300 and must be paid in full at the start of the course. This course will enable the applicant to get familiar with the program and the instructor, and at the same time, have their basic aptitude evaluated. In this way, he or she can be confident that the full ten month course will be beneficial to them as a potential career. The Primer must be passed to qualify for entrance into the Theory and Practice of Audio Recording.


Tuition Payment Options

Plan A

Payment in Full

This payment plan necessitates one payment of $11,000, payable two weeks prior to the start of the Primer Course. The student will receive a Dell laptop, Reason Course and Pro Tools System, compliments of REI.

Plan B

REI Private Loan

For individuals who wish to pay for the course directly to REI. $3000 down payment due two weeks prior to the start of the Primer Course. The monthly payment is $500 per month and the loan ($11,000) must be paid in full at graduation. The student will receive an Reason Live Course compliments of REI. As a courtesy for our students, 0% interest will be charged for this REI loan.

Plan C

REI Private Loan

This plan requires $1500 down two weeks prior to primer course and $650 per month, with the balance due at graduation.

Plan D

REI Extended Loan

This loan is offered to individuals who would like to extend their payments to meet with their budget requirements. It will be made available to all applicants and may extend up to three years. A substantial boost in your credit score will result when completing your payments. This plan requires $1000 down two weeks prior to primer course.

Plan E

Long Term Loan

For applicants on a budget, this loan will provide an extended loan with low monthly payments and only a $100 processing fee! Ask an REI representative about all the details.

Plan F

Post 9/11 GI Bill

REI is approved for full funding for post-9/11 and Montgomery Veterans.


Vocational Rehabilitation

For qualified individuals requiring specialized training in an approved new career of their choice. ACCES-VR will fully fund students for the Theory and Practice of Audio Recording Course. Conducted at the Recording Engineers Institute

The REI Promise

REI is committed to doing whatever is possible to secure financing for our applicants. Graduates of REI secure a freelance engineering position as a CAE (Certified Audio Engineer) and lifetime membership in our Recording Engineers Association.