The full REI curriculum is called Theory and Practice of Audio Recording and takes place over 42 weeks, totaling 330 hours of class time at our Long Island recording school and music studio. Students are also encouraged to spend their own time out of class familiarizing themselves with the audio equipment available.

The Primer Course

Consists of six classes over two weeks that will introduce a potential student to the REI Long Island recording school and music studio. In this recording course, we will cover topics like the job market, mics, consoles, tape recorders, and special effects. The students will be able to work with the equipment and get to know the teaching staff. There will be a three hour recording session the students will take part in along with a final exam to show their aptitude for the program. Students are required to attain a passing grade in the Primer to gain entrance in the theory and practice of audio recording course.

A101 Basic Course

The Basic Course consists of ten weeks of preliminary information and training in our professional Long Island recording school and music studio. A class is composed of a maximum of ten students with the emphasis on informative lecture and extensive hands-on experience. The class meets twice a week with each student’s progress being evaluated on a daily basis. A list of subjects to be covered is below.

Basic Course Schedule (10 Weeks)
  • Introduction to principles and properties of sound
  • Microphone theory and design
  • Mixing console signal flow and operation
  • Mixing console 2
  • Theory behind the use of a patchbay in the studio
  • Principles and use of analog tape recorders
  • Console review / Practical practice time
  • Tape recorder review / Session procedure review
  • A three hour live recording session
  • Written exam / Practical exam / Instructor evaluation

A201 Advanced Course

The Advanced phase of the course will take the students into more detailed discussions pertaining to the components introduced in the Basic level. Extensive practical experience on the gear will be given to each student through various practice live recording and mixing sessions. This Course will, as in the Basic, consist of no more than ten students. At this point, the students will now have the opportunity to schedule any one of the studios, outside of regular class time, for private mix practice. A list of subjects to be covered is below.

Advanced Course Schedule
  • Advanced microphone theory and application
  • The use and tools of equalization
  • Advanced console techniques.
  • Console 2 / advanced patchbay
  • Theories and use of digital tape and hard disk recorders
  • Special effects w/ a concentration on dynamic devices
  • Special effects w/ a concentration on signal devices
  • Advanced mixing procedures
  • Three hour recording session
  • Final written exam / Instructor evaluation

A301 Recording Workshop

The recording workshop is a recording course designed to give the students complete hands on experience on and with the equipment at our Long Island recording school and music studio. There will be no more than five students in the class and each class will consist of a recording session run entirely by the students. Each student will be assigned a specific job for each session and the students will be expected to cover all the responsibilities of their roles. The mixdown will be performed by the instructor who will explain different mixing techniques each week. Students observing the mix performed by the instructor will have the opportunity of experiencing how a professional mix is accomplished.

Recording Workshop Course Schedule
  • Weeks 1-5 will involve eight track digital recording sessions
  • Weeks 6-7 will involve a 16-track digital recording project
  • Weeks 8-9 will involve a 16-track analog recording track
  • Week 10 will consist of a three hour mixing session

A401 Midi Technology

The midi course covers the most current advances in the music industry. The class size is kept to five students in order to insure the hands on experience that every student requires.

Midi Course Topics
  • Basics and history of midi technology
  • Terminology and connections
  • Sequencing procedures on both hardware and software systems
  • Sampling on hardware, software and workstation type
  • Samplers including the Akai MPC 1000
  • Digital automation on the Yamaha Promix console
  • Sound editing
  • Learning both Macintosh and IBM computer platforms
  • Learning the latest in software synth technology including Propellarhead’s Reason

A501 Pro Tools® Workshop

The Pro Tools workshop is an in depth look at this software at the center of the audio industry. A program equally comfortable in all aspects of audio production. A work center used in the music, film, television and gaming industries. It can handle any audio production needs someone might have. The student will learn the software and hardware thoroughly. REI is equipped with two HD1 systems, a Focusrite/Digidesign Control 24, (two) 96K i/os, an 882 i/o and four Pro Tools Digi 001 systems.

Pro Tools Topics
  • Session and file hierarchy in Pro Tools
  • Writing, recording and producing 30 and 60 second commercial productions
  • Using Pro Tools along with the Reason software via the Rewire software
  • Using Pro Tools in a music mixing environment
  • Plugins (Audiosuite and TDM/RTAS)
  • Using Pro Tools in a post environment for film and TV, i.e. dialogue recording/ dialogue replacement with VocALign software
  • Mix automation within the PT environment
  • Synchronization (locking PT up with over devices to keep them in time, i.e. tape machines, keyboard workstations, drum machines)
  • Mastering within the PT environment

A111 Live Sound Course

Classes held in studio and night club, rehearsal studio environments.

A701 Business of Music

Marketing your music, record label, production contracts, publishing, the internet, legal issues and business considerations.

A110 Troubleshooting

First step towards studio maintenance and repairs.

Specialized Short Courses

Occasionally, individuals may want to focus on just one aspect of our course. All courses are for ten weeks, one night each week for three hours. A choice of any of these courses is available from our Long Island recording school and music studio on a scheduled basis.

  • Pro Tools A501
  • Reason 4.0 A601
  • Ableton Live A901
  • Final Cut Pro A110
  • Live Sound Mixing (FOH) A111