Facilities for Audio Engineering and Music Production

REI is set up in Long Island with the latest digital recording studio equipment as well as vintage and current analog equipment that will support a wide range of knowledge base and prepare students with the tools needed for mainstream recording.

  • TC Electronics M2000
  • Lexicon MPX100
  • Lexicon Alex
  • Yamaha Rev 7
  • Aphex Tubessence Tube Pre-Amp
  • Aphex aural exciter
  • Two MXR 1500 delays
  • Korg A2 guitar processor
  • Yamaha SPX-90
  • Symetrix Stereo compressor
  • Dbx 166 stereo compressor
  • Dbx project 1 stereo compressor
  • JBL/Urei compressor
  • Alesis 3630 stereo compressor
  • Dbx 363 stereo key gate
  • Furman quad gate
  • Dbx project one quad gate
  • Samson 31 band stereo graphic equalizer
  • TC Electronics stereo parametric equalizer
  • Akai MPC 2000
  • Akai S2000
  • Roland Super JD990
  • Emu Proteus 1
  • Alesis D4
  • Korg O5rw
  • Korg EX8000
  • Roland D110
  • Korg M1R
  • Fatar 88 keyboard Controller
  • Digidesign Pro Tools HD 1 System with a 96K and 882 interface with a CM automation motor mix
  • Pro Tools Version 10
  • Reason 5.0
  • Record from propellerhead
  • Pro Logic Version 8
  • Ableton and Avid Media Composer
  • Studer A80 Mrk IV 24 Track Analog Recorder
  • Mackie and Alesis 24 Track Hard Disc Recorders
  • Tascam one” 16 track analog with remote
  • Panasonic 3700 DAT

The Midi Suite

The Midi suite is where the student will have the ability to learn and work with the tools of the trade of a midi engineer. This student will have lecture classes in Long Island which will be followed up with a hands on experience with the computer, software, drum machine or any other piece or recording studio equipment that was covered. This room is stocked with Macintosh and PC computers. The student will work with Cubase, Reason, an array of both software and hardware synths.

Midi Suite Equipment
  • 20 G5 Macintosh Computers
  • Digidesign Audio Media 3 card
  • Akai Mpc 2000
  • Akai S2000
  • Ensoniq EPS sampler
  • Ensoniq SQ 2 workstation
  • Oberheim OB 8 keyboard with midi kit
  • Roland R8 drum machine
  • Two Pentium II 333 MMX computer loaded with software

Our Mix Rooms

Control Room A incorporates an AMR 1600 Vinage Analog Mixing Console 32 x 16.  This board features 4 effect sends; 4 aux sends; and a full 4 band parametric equalizer.  There are shelving equalizers for the buss monitors as well.  The control room has a full array of recording studio equipment, including vintage analog and digital effects, an 8 track analog tape recorder, Stereo Studer Master Mix machine, and a 24 track Studio A80 Master Recorder and Pro Tools 11.

  • Pro Tools 11
  • Alesis 3630 stereo compressor
  • Akai S20 sampler
  • (Two) Lexicon MPX-100
  • JBL and DBX Compressors
  • Yamaha SPX900
  • Aural Exciter

Control Room B has a vintage Soundtracs Solitaire 32 x 24 inline analog control with Pro Tools 11.  This is a very rare, outstanding console with full automation.  Along with all the digital outboard effects, we have an 8 track analog tape machine as well.  The Solitaire console was the premier console of the Soundtracs line.

Pro Tools HD 5.1 Mix Room
Our new Pro Tools 5.1 Mix Room has given a whole new dimension to working with Pro Tools. It is outfitted with an HD 1 system with a 96K i/o. We are running the Access Virus soft synth, Native Instruments and Antares Autotune. We have installed a Digidesign Control 24 for tactile control over the system.

THX pm3

Our School in Orlando, Florida was the first and only Audio School with aCertified THX pm3 Mix Theater. After eight years, we’re excited to bring this system to the REI Long Island recording studio.

The THX 7.2 Surrond Sound System is an Audio/Video experience you’ll never forget – and now it’s here at REI.

George Lucas (creator of Star Wars) has developed this superior monitoring system for movie theaters and you can witness a demo of this outstanding system at one of our exclusive presentations.