I don't have any experience in music or recording...can I qualify?

Absolutely. Although many of our applicants at the Music Recording School have some form of musical background, all you need is a high school diploma or GED. Come visit us at REI for an exciting demonstration every Wednesday night at 7:30pm. We’ll show you how you can get started and be working in Long Island music engineering and production positions in just ten months!

I've got experience in my own small-home system...why go to school?

Many of our students have equipment at home … and this is a real plus. Courses at REI are very intense with lots of hands-on. We’ll give you extensive experience in a large format 48 Track Professional Digital Studio, with the opportunity to familiarize yourself with a vast array of audio equipment, computers and software you may not own!

Your course at REI is only 330 hours. How much can I really learn in that short of a time?

Classes at REI are kept small to benefit the student. No more than five students per class during the hands-on segment. With fewer students each session, a great deal more can be covered with substantially more hands-on experience. Each student will have their own individual work station!

What about a job when I graduate from REI? Can I get hired without any professional experience?

Unless you’d enjoy “going for coffee” as an intern, there is virtually no work for an inexperienced graduate. REI is the only audio school in the nation to offer membership in the Recording Engineers Association (REA). Qualified graduates can secure their first job, immediately recording in our five studio complex. They’ll earn good money while developing their confidence and style engineering their own sessions. The studios are available 24/7!

How much is the tuition at REI? Can I finance it, and when do classes start?

Currently, the tuition at REI is $11,000 for the ten month course which you can finance – please go to our Financing page for details. New classes start about every six weeks and we recommend that you get your registration in early!

REA sounds like a great way of getting started. How does a graduate qualify and why don't any other music recording schools have REA?

REA is a service that REI chooses to offer its graduates. Remember, the first job in any field is always the hardest to land! Members of REA rarely have any trouble securing employment. After all, they’ve got what the studio owner wants … experience! Why other Music Recording Schools don’t offer REA? Considering how vital it is for an individual to have experience before applying for a job … I have no idea … maybe you should ask them!